How We Met

I met a woman. And this is all dramatic for how it started.

She sent me a message about Netflix documentaries. No idea why I put that on my match profile. “Hey I’m really boring, and that’s reflected in my streaming preferences.” She also mentioned PBS. A democrat. I snickered.

There was something more though. A confidence. A grace. So I sent a couple messages back and got a number back really quickly. Suspiciously quick. This a some guy in Africa milking me for my social, not this absolute #smokeshow in the pictures.

I sent her a text and we talked. I was on military orders so a date would have to wait a couple weeks. So we talked (texted, my generation’s talking.) And talked. And talked. She lived with a good friend of mine from high school. She’s also a young professional. A go getter. An audiophile. Funny in the right ways, not the obnoxious ones.

At some point my outlook goes from “she seems cool” to “wow she’s awesome.” And then “wow we have a whole lot in common.” To “hmmm if I made a physical list of my preferences it would be filled with check marks.”

By the end of the two weeks I was a wreck. We planned a date for a Cuban place. Dissected everything the other had ever out on social media. Called in every possible connection to see what the other was about. She was the real deal.

I drove to her place with a knot in my stomach. I practiced questions to myself in the rear view.  I bought a new outfit — my money talks. I’m cheap as they come, but no expense spared. New haircut. Shined shoes. Because this was important. Something told me this was a big deal.

Then she walked out the door and smiled at me.

In that moment I felt something I’ve never felt. She was talking but I couldn’t hear it. I wanted to say something but there was no air in that whole damned city block. My mouth must have been hanging open. “SAY SOMETHING DUMBASS.” Nope, nothing. Well played.

There was nothing in the universe at that second besides dirty blonde hair. A little black dress with some clubmasters. A smile that collapsed my world in on itself and then shot it back out all over Central Kentucky. The Big Bang of the rest of my life.

Ive managed to say a couple things since. I’ve seen her three times. I’ve kissed her. I’ve touched her. I’ve learned more about her and fallen in love with every detail she’s given me. But I’m still there on her doorstep. Everything else in my world is on hold because she’s everything I never knew I needed. I’m still speechless on a porch and drowning in the fact that this is who I’ve been searching for. When a magnet meets metal it doesn’t pause and reflect on what it’s doing or hesitate in consideration of what could happen. It just connects like it was always meant to be connected.

That’s me. Connected and sure. I met a woman. The woman I’ll never let go.


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