Blow Me Away

Corey Smith has been around for a long time. I started listening to him when I was 18. In a lot of ways I’ve grown up with his music. I discovered pretty early that there’s something that appeals to me about a guy with an acoustic guitar in a smoky bar room. That’s often caused me more trouble than happiness.

His music has changed a lot of the couple of years. It’s less friday night shenanigans and more sunday morning reflection. I like that think I’ve made that change too.

She and I talked a lot yesterday about letting things happen how they will. Lots of apologies from me, and even a few directed at me. I’m grossly undeserving of those. It’s pretty clear that the next few weeks will flatly make or break us. That’s on me; I put us here. But for her to give me the grace of another chance — to be willing to look past my flaws and truly give me a chance to be the man she deserves. Well. That blows me away.

I’m fully aware that I can’t ever be what she truly deserves. Perfection is an ideal, not a reality. I’ll chase it for her, though. Regardless of the sleepless nights. Regardless of how many hours I spend anxiously staring at my phone waiting to hear from her. The anticipation is worth the chance, if small, that I can call her forever.



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