Out Of My League

Its been couple weeks since I’ve posted. Life happens sometimes. Things have changed and ultimately stayed the same.  I met her family last weekend. It was a very fortunate situation in that her niece was having a birthday party. So my presence was made known but no one had time to really question me too hard.

She met my family this past weekend. We made a last second call to crash a family cookout. I was more hesitant about it than I thought I would be. Every step forward we take like that is even more of an investment in my feelings for her. Obviously, I’m all in. But her hesitation to talk about anything farther than the next date certainly causes me pause. For the record, they adored her. Because of course they did.

Two weekends from now we’re going to a music festival. Three straight days of her should answer whatever lingering questions I may have. Its not an ideal situation. It’s me, her…and three of her friends. I honestly wish it was just us but her time is limited and I’m honored to have it at all, even if it’s split with others.

We went to dinner with her friends last week. When I picked her up she was wearing a seersucker dress. She looked absolutely incredible. We went to a night festival afterwards and we walked around, hand in hand, checking out the local vendors. I have no idea what really happened because I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was incredibly proud to have her on my arm. I stopped and thought, “I’m literally with the most beautiful woman here. I’m waaaay out of my league with this.” It was an incredible and terrifying feeling.

The universe found it fitting to insert this song into my playlist on the way home. It couldn’t be more true.



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